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Children 'Living Arrangements' (Formerly known as Contact & Residence)

Angela Moores is a specialist in dealing with matters relating to Children following a divorce or separation. Contact us to discuss anything related to children, ie where a child is to live and how much time he/she will spend with the other parent.

Can we agree matters relating to the Children between ourselves?

When separating, it is important to prioritise the needs of any children.lifering In divorce proceedings, the court will want to ensure that necessary arrangements have been made for the children such as where and with whom they are going to live, whether they will remain at the same school, how often they will see each parent etc. It is important to ensure that these arrangements can be agreed between the parents where possible.

What if we cannot agree?

Sometimes, there may be a dispute between the parents as to the arrangements for the children. Both parents will be encouraged to try and reach a compromise on the issues in dispute and it is often possible to seek the assistance of a trained Family Mediator, who can help the parties to discuss their views openly and try and reach agreement between themselves. Angela Moores will advise you as to whether Family Mediation is a suitable option for you and we can help arrange Mediation for you where required. It is now compulsory to have considered, with a mediator, whether a case is suitable for mediation.

Do we have to go to court?

If mediation is not successful, then it is possible to issue an application to the court to seek the assistance of a specialist family judge. In most cases, the parties will Free consultationreach an agreement during the proceedings without a Judge having to make a final decision.

What types of Orders can I apply for?

There are different types of orders that can be made, and sometimes, more than one order will be applied for within an application:-

  1. Living Arrangements - these orders will determine where a child contact uswill live and how much time he/she spends with the other parent. Such orders have only been introduced in April 2014 so further clarification is likely.

  2. Prohibited Steps Order this order if granted can prevent a parent from taking a particular step in relation to the children for example from taking the children out of the country without the consent of the other parent or the court.

  3. Specific Issue Orders it is possible to apply to the court for a Specific Issue Order where you require the courtęs assistance in making a key decision about your childęs life. This can include things such as which school your children will attend, what religion they will be brought up or which surname they will be known by.

  4. Parental Responsibility Orders Parental Responsibility is a formal recognition that you have a right to be involved in the key decision making process in your childrenęs lives. A court will generally grant a Parental Responsibility Order to a parent unless there is sufficient reason not to.