Angela Moores
Formerly of Jarvis Family Law, Harrogate
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Just Considering It?

It's rare that a relationship just ends without one or other of the parties having spent some time thinking about it.

Part of that thinking will often include some thought about what pebblesthe future might look like, what the law is relating to separation, what would happen to the children or how financial issues would be resolved.

Even at this point knowing what to do can be difficult it's not easy to talk to friends about a decision that has not been made yet, advice from the internet is too generic to provide any real answers, and instructing a Solicitor can seem far too big a step.

That's where Angela Moores is different she appreciate that it can take many months to make the decision and that in the meantime you may need some answers to your questions to fully understand what the future would look like.

We work at your pace, to your budget, and with your method of working in mind. We offer an initial meeting free of charge (without any obligation to instruct us) which will enable you to talk to a Solicitor in confidence about your own circumstances and get the answers you need. All of our initial meetings are with experienced solicitors who will provide clear, legal advice and guidance as to options available to you. We will be able to answer your questions at the meeting whether they be about division of assets, care of the children, splitting of pensions, ongoing maintenance provision or any other matter that you need to ask about whatever it is.

We will talk you through the processes involved, explain the potential costs andnationwide divorce advice discuss how we can work to achieve what you need within your own budget. It is never too early to come in and talk to us there is no obligation to instruct us and we understand that sometimes it may be a while before you need to contact us again.

Before any initial meeting take some time to think about the matters detailed in our Fact sheet 'Initial Meeting'

If you have joint or individual assets whether property, personal investments, company shareholdings, or a sole trader business or partnership, pension or overseas assets it is important that you take advice at an early stage of separation or before from an expert Family Lawyer.*

* Angela Moores is qualified at the highest level of Resolution Stage II Accreditation in Financial Provision upon divorce