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A happy new year?

What happens if Christmas proves not to have been as magical as you nationwide divorce advicemay have wished? Christmas can be a stressful time for families but when the tension plays upon an already strained relationship it can be the end of the road. Family and relationship breakdown is unfortunately all too common around the festive period.

If you find yourself in this position it is not easy to know what to do next.

Often the idea of instructing a solicitor may seem 'too big a step' at this point when all you really want are some pointers in the right direction or an understanding of what your options may be going forward.

It makes good sense, as with the making of any other major decision in life, to try to gain as much information as possible at an early stage.

The idea that Solicitors just want to push a client down the route of divorce is wrong. In fact an experienced family lawyer will be able to discuss a range of options with you when you are contemplating a major decision such as separation.

Those options will vary from person to person not only because each person’s financial circumstances are different but also because everyone’s needs, aspirations, and anxieties are different.

It may be that counselling is a worthwhile option initially to try to reconcile the relationship. It may be that time and space is needed for you and your spouse to think about what you want to happen. In other cases it may be that some early action (whether legal or otherwise) is necessary to protect your position either financially or personally. Divorce proceedings should be the last option and even then there are ways of moving things forward in a fashion which can preserve a parental relationship for the future if children are involved.

An hour spent with an experienced family lawyer discussing the options and " what if's" can be time well spent both from an emotional and a financial perspective. Questions can be answered such as

"how would I manage financially?"christmas divorce
"would I be able to keep my home?"
"what would happen to the children?"
" will I have to sell my business?"

Discussions might also cover the timeframe, pre planning and necessary action with an overview of the likely costs dependent upon the type of advice required. Forward thinking Solicitors such as Jarvis Family Law LLP are offering not only the traditional legal representation but also advice on a “self help” basis to keep costs to a minimum.

Cost for such information and guidance can be kept to a minimum by taking up the opportunity of an initial meeting at no charge offered by some family law solicitors. Angela Moores at Jarvis Family Law LLP Solicitors is offering this type of meeting during January 2011.

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