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Formerly of Jarvis Family Law, Harrogate
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Testimonials from our clients

Below are just a few testimonials from our previous clients. If you would like a free initial consultation to discuss your situation please contact us.

"Thank you so much for your continued, fabulous support and service. I really appreciate it at this difficult time."

NB - Saddleworth

"Thank you so much for all your help and support
I couldn't have got through it without you x."


"Much appreciated and congratulations on this very thorough job and excellent quality"

GS - Harrogate

"I would recommend Angela to anybody in need of legal help.
Shame she isn't running for government, her attention to detail and personal integrity are to be admired.
Thank you for all your help."

Mr T

"'Thank you very much for handling my case so quickly, efficiently and in a very short time. The achieved verdict was very satisfying and I know you all work very hard for that. I am very grateful to you all for the help you have given me"

Mrs N Stockport

"Angela is honest, firm and understanding. She gave me the confidence I needed to go court and I feel she genuinely cared which is rare in this industry. I truly thank Angela for all she has given me as I feel it is so much more than just advice. I will always go back to Angela for any family related issues."

Ms E Sh

"'Iŕm so pleased I have you to support me. I could not have asked you to do any more than you have already done"

Mrs A Stockport
"Thank you for all your hard work, especially your support over the years - particularly when shaking in my boots!."
"'Your integrity enabled me to place my trust in you"

Client - Saddleworth
"Thank you for your professionalism and for guiding me to the right approach. It has been handy having you close by."

Mrs L - Grotton
"'I recommend Jarvis Family Law Should you be reading this extract the please do not despair I wish to give you hope!'
Divorce is an awful experience especially if it becomes difficult as it was in my case. You can rely on Angela Moores to guide you through the minefield. She is highly professional, knowledgeable and has great expertise. Without the specialism of Jarvis Family Law I believe my future would have been very difficult. I obtained a clean break and got a fair outcome.
Keep your resolve and trust in Jarvis, they are a law firm of integrity.
Thank you Angela and all her hard working staff."

Mr M, Yorkshire 13.8.2014
"Many thanks! It's about a year since this started in earnest , it's certainly a relief to have closure. My sincere gratitude for all the help and advice during such a difficult time. Angela and her team were just brilliant and always objective & calm. A perfect combination. It will be much easier to move on now.

Sincere gratitude,
Mrs B, Harrogate"
"Hi Angela. Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. Court went well got everything I wanted in my order. The barrister was excellent and really was money well spent; really don't think I would have got half the things I wanted if it wasn't for his skills. So big thank you to and your excellent team for helping me to achieve this. You really have a cracking outfit in Jarvis and will always recommend Jarvis and speak highly of you if anyone I know needs the same help or any issues of a similar nature."


'"Just to say thank you for all your efforts. Sorry for all you have had to cope with from my husband I could not have got through it without you."

Client, Harrogate

"I am writing to thank you for all your amazing work regarding my divorce.
Because of your guidance both (ex-husband) and myself are in a much better place now.
We both realise that although you can fall out of love you never actually stop loving one another. Thank you again
Kind regards"

Mrs CP Bramhope
To Angela

"Thank you for all your help and assistance"

L and J
Dear Angela

"I just wanted to say a Big Thank you for everything you have done for E (daughter) and I. I really don't know how I would have got through this all. Very best wishes"

Y & E

Dear Angela

"I am just wanting to say a final Thank you Angela for being such an amazing support and from start to finish a very helpful and efficient solicitor.
You gave me such sound advice and I will always be very grateful for that.
Myself and my two lovely children are much happier now and are fully settled in our new home all thanks once again to you Angela.
Thank you once again Angela for everything
Kind regards"


Dear Angela

"Thank you so much for offering to help."


Dear Angela

"I wanted you to know that I think of you often and will always be grateful for the belief you have in me. Your calm, measured and steady manner suited me down to the ground and for that I will again be always grateful. Sadly, in one sense our paths may be forced to cross again if A fails to deliver, but in another it would be good to see a friendly face again.I wish you and your team well.
Many thanks and God bless"


Dear Angela and Team

"Many Thanks!!!─.. for all your ongoing support and help during what has been a very difficult time. I couldn't have got through it without you! Kindest Regards"

S, S and Baby T


"Just to say thank you for all your efforts on my behalf. Sorry for all that you have had to cope with from M. It has been much appreciated and I couldn't have got through it without you.
Thank you"


Dear Angela

"Just wanted to say a really big─.Thank You

It wasn't an easy process, but your ability to keep the ship steady and talk sense helped me to keep my head above water at times when I felt like I might sink. - Here's to happier times!
With our very best wishes"


To Angela

"Thank you so much for all you have done for us"

Love V, S and G

Dear Angela

"Thank you so much for all your help, patience and understanding. I could not have managed to get through all this difficult time and am extremely grateful.
"You're someone Very special!" What more can I say!!
I will call and see you when next in Harrogate, please keep in touch, you are more than welcome anytime either in G or Y!"

With Love - KL

Dear Angela

"As you know the last 7 years have been a real rollercoaster for our family─. I am so grateful to A that she highly recommended you and she was absolutely right.
I really want to thank you so much for your continued support, commitment and professionalism.
I know, as you do, I'll be seeing you again! You've not only been a brilliant solicitor but a friend too and also all the people at Jarvis Family Law have been fantastic with us, can you please let them know how great they all are. Thank you again Angela"


Dear Angela and team

"This is just a brief note to express my thanks for your guidance and support over the last 9 months.
Whilst it has been an arduous journey and one that at times has felt frustratingly slow, the outcome is that my children will have a better quality of life because they now have a father that is allowed to be more engaged in their upbringing.
The feeling of powerlessness that can develop as a father when you are trawling through the advisory web sites and forums is huge. I have to say I came to you expecting very little out of the legal system described in those places.
I am glad to acknowledge my mistake in that respect and to offer my sincerest thanks to you and your team for achieving a result that far exceed my expectations. It has restored my faith in the legal system and in the ability for a father to play an active part in the lives of his children.

Once again many, many thanks for your help."

"...Your help and support will always be remembered and truly appreciated...."

Mrs M - Harrogate

"...Thank you so much again for all you have done for us. Both of us are still thinking about you. We now lead such a peaceful life...."

Mrs N - Manchester

" were the first solicitors who asked how I was..."

Mrs G - Harrogate

" believed in my case when other professionals didn't..."

Mrs M - Harrogate

"I have been very happy with the way Angela Moores has handled my divorce from a very difficult husband. I am so pleased that I moved from my previous solicitor as the advice she has provided is much better and the charges very much more reasonable. If you find yourself in the horrid situation of getting divorced, I would recommend Mrs Moores services without hesitation."

N Hughes

" a self employed man I found it invaluable to be able to meet with and contact my solicitors out of office hours..."

Mr E - Reading

"Jarvis really knew their stuff and listened to what I wanted for my family..."

Mr W - Plymouth