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Divorce and the age of technology

Life used to be so simple before we entered the age of technology!

It is believed that in around one in six divorces some form of online element is present whether that is a cause of the breakdown of the relationship or forms evidence in the subsequent disputes.

With the introduction of social networking sites such as Facebook,divorce article Linked In, or My Space, and the easy access to websites like Friends Reunited, or, not to mention the up to the minute text messaging or twitter accounts, email and blackberries, life has become so much more complicated in the world of relationships not to say downright dangerous at times!

In the instantaneous online world we live in it is all too easy to leave permanent evidence that one would rather not leave behind. Whilst this can at times be entirely innocent or a mere mistake, the age of technology has on other occasions moved where relationship mistrust is concerned into a darker sphere.

Unfortunately there are those who choose less straightforward and at times illegal means of obtaining the evidence that they seek. Computer software tracking key depressions on another personÍs computer, or hacking into someoneÍs personal data or email account are not unheard of but of course such illegally obtained information or documentation would not be admissible evidence in court.

Discrete voice activated recording equipment is easily available these days. Instances of such devices being left in the car, kitchen or even bedroom can yield interesting comments or conversations that one might not wish a former partner to have heard. For those seeking total confidentiality maybe having those private conversations in the garden may be the only sure answer for privacy.

Caution divorcehas to be the priority these days to safeguard oneÍs personal information. Thought should be given to any online equipment being secured upon relationship breakdown. For anyone leaving a relationship there is a need to consider changing passwords/pin numbers for online banking, email accounts and even computer access codes as to leave these open for access by the former partner may lead to all sorts of problems.

Particular thought should be given by those with online joint bank accounts if one account holder does not know the password and indeed may never have known trusting the other party. Being alert to the partner knowing information that they should not have been able to know is important. In the worst case scenario some form of debugging may be necessary to give peace of mind.

It is the same world of divorce but not as we knew it!

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