Angela Moores
Formerly of Jarvis Family Law, Harrogate
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‘A picture paints a thousand words’

The process of divorce can be confusing and especially so at a time whenexplanation of the divorce process in England it can be difficult to think straight.

Over the many years I have been practising family law I have come to realise that my Clients are keen to understand what is happening throughout the course of the matter but not to such a level of detail that it may be hard to follow. This is why I try to ensure that I have a pragmatic approach explaining things in a very clear, practical way.

When a Client first comes to see me I always draw them a diagram (my picture if you like), to explain how the divorce process runs and the different options involved.  This diagram sets out the negotiation process, the Court process, the different settlement options  and how the financial proceedings sit alongside any children related proceedings.

Not at all scientific and we certainly did not learn it at Law School  but I have found it to be the most effective way to provide an explanation for new Clients.   I always provide a copy to take home along with a practical ‘to do’ list to get matters under way.

The use of the diagrams makes things very clear and easier to talk about timings, with my Clients able to ask questions with reference to the diagrams.  Cost estimates can also be given with reference to the diagrams.

Once I have put together the unique diagram which each Client has for their own circumstances we are able to refer back to it during the course of the matter and this makes things very much clearer and logical.

My overriding aim is to ensure that anyone who comes to see me leaves with a clear understanding of their current position, their options and a focus on what they need to do to achieve what they want.

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