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Formerly of Jarvis Family Law, Harrogate
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No Hidden Costs of Divorce with JARVIS

No matter what their circumstances all clients have a concern about the costs involved with separation and divorce and we understand the need to keep costs to a minimum and more importantly to work in a cost effective manner.

At JARVIS we are conscious that there are a number of elements involved in a matter where we can help minimise costs for a client:

Firstly, we made a decision at a very early point that we will not charge clients for supplementary events such as;

Secondly, we have a focus on providing value for good qualityno hidden costs legal advice by ensuring that our solicitors are sufficiently confident and experienced to handle a matter effectively both in terms of time and in achieving a result as quickly as is possible. I am one of only a few solicitors accredited at Resolution Stage II in Financial Settlement on Divorce.

Additionally as we have considerable experience handling complex matters over many years our solicitors do not to have to take second opinions from barristers or other costly experts.

At JARVIS we are confident in representing clients at routine court hearings ourselves and not involve barristers unless absolutely necessary. Involving a barrister on a short routine hearing can triple the cost to the client and costs will increase even further if the solicitor also attends.

If you are thinking of instructing a family lawyer about a divorce I would advise that you

If you currently have a matter with a firm who are charging you for the bullet pointed items, if you are paying for second opinions of ‘experts’, or if barristers are being involved in routine court hearings then my advice is you need to stop and consider ‘am I confident that this firm is focused on providing the most cost effective advice for me?’

If not, perhaps it is time to move your matter to a firm who do have a focus on providing value for money and who have already eliminated the supplementary charges.

I am happy to discuss our costs and how we charge with clients at our initial meeting which is free of charge and after which there is no obligation to instruct me.

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