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Do Homer and Marge need legal advice?

I am always keen to write about any family law issue that arises in the press. This week I am spoilt for choice with so much to choose from; from consideration of the two Supreme Court cases ongoing on the issue of financial disclosure on divorce, hiding assets before divorceto the South African Government putting in place new regulations about children travelling to that country without both parents, to the great debate as to whether Homer and Marge Simpson are to have a “legal separation”!

This week saw two cases come before the Supreme court about the inadequate information given by two Husband’s in financial cases following divorce. It is absolutely essential if future problems are to be avoided that both Husband and Wife provide full details of their own finances before making any agreement or going into court to make inadequate or false disclosure could well lead to the agreement being re opened at a later date. The judgements will be given in future months.

I have previously written about the need for any parent travelling abroad to secure written consent (of a none travelling parent) before taking a child abroad. The border agencies are tightening up and this week sees South Africa put in place some strict requirements for paperwork in that situation. To travel without written consent can lead to some serious consequences.

Finally and before anyone panics Homer and Marge Simpson are no longer intending to legally separate!! Always obtain legal advice before making any decision or taking steps to separate. Information can empower you and ensure you reach the right decision about the future of your relationship married, not married, parent or none parent. Always get legal advice and certainly before you announce anything to the world’s media!

In order to be able to provide effective legal advice we have to keep on top of all the latest developments both in the higher courts and the changes in the law. There is a lot of myth and misunderstanding to correct.

We can have some fun referring to the Simpson’s story line but consideration of a separation raises some serious issues as to legal obligations, responsibilities, and entitlements. It is best to understand those before taking any decision.

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