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Immigration - what has that to do with family law?

Angela Moores explains how family law works in cases where one or other parent does not have permission to remain in this country upon separation but he or she has a child here in the UK

July 2018

No Fault Divorce - can this soon be a reality?

Angela Moores talks about a campaign which is underway to make no fault divorce an option in England - and explains how the current system works.

June 2018

Coercive Control

Angela Moores outlines what "Coercive Control" means in the context of a relationship.

May 2018

Are there different assets on divorce?

Are all assets the same when it comes to divorce? Or can certain assets be ring fenced to stop them going into the marital pot?

February 2018

New Year - New Approach

The new year is always a time when people decide to make changes in their life. When it comes to relationships Angela Moores has some advice.

December 2017

Full Time Education

Angela Moores examines the definition of "Full time education" and how this affects things such as child maintenance for divorced couples.

November 2017

Separation in the 21st Century

Angela Moores talks about how technology influences separation and divorce cases in 2017.

October 2017

Divorce law in a state of flux

Angela Moores comments on a recent Court ruling which could have an impact on how finances are divided in future divorce cases.

September 2017

Choice of Schools - Now is the time to start talking

Angela Moores explores the issue of divorced parents disagreeing about which school their child should go to, and how the issue can be resolved.

July 2017

Divorce„itÍs just a formality isnÍt it?

Angela Moores outlines how the divorce process in England works, as well as commenting on a recent case where a woman was refused a divorce by the courts.

June 2017

Travelling with children

Angela Moores talks about the legalities to consider when planning to travel abroad with children, either after divorce or separation, or where other circumstances dictate.

April 2017

A Duty to Disclose

Angela talks about the duty to make full disclosure of all assets and liabilites when divorcing, and the ramifications of trying to hide financial assets.

March 2017

Overseas Marriages

Advice to people who have been married abroad who may be considering getting a divorce in the UK.

February 2017

New Year, New Start

Angela Moores talks about what people should consider when thinking about making a change in their family relationships.

January 2017

When is “self help” possible?

Angela Moores talks about when documents can be used in divorce proceedings and why how they were obtained is important, as well as the need for full financial disclosure from both parties.

December 2016

'Form E - just another form to fill in?'

Angela Moores talks about the ins and outs of completing "form E" which is a critical element of a divorce financial settlement.

November 2016

'When Christmas comes early'

Angela Moores talks about how making arrangements for children of divorced couples can be handled.

October 2016

'Family Law- 30 Years On!'

Angela Moores celebrates 30 years in the Family Law profession and talks about some of the changes seen during that time.

September 2016

'What about the state pension?'

Angela Moores talks about pensions sharing on divorce and how this relates to the state pension.

June 2016

'What About The Farm?'

Angela Moores explains what will be taken into account when a couple divorce who own a farm.

April 2016

'Home Alone'

Angela Moores is on national TV and Radio talking about the legal age that you can leave children home alone.

March 2016

'What does separation mean?'

Angela Moores talks about the legal meaning of separation and when it is appropriate.

March 2016

'Who pays the debts'

Angela Moores outlines who is liable for existing debts when a couple separate or divorce.

February 2016

'What has Tax got to do with it?'

Angela Moores talks the potential tax implication to consider when getting a divore.

January 2016

'Divorce after 40 years?!'

Angela Moores talks about the increasing number of people divorcing after very long marriages, and gives advice to anyone in that position.

November 2015

'A Picture Paints a Thousand Words'

Angela Moores talks about her unique method of explaining the divorce process to her clients and potential clients.

September 2015

'Pension Changes may affect Past Settlements'

Angela Moores talks about how the 2015 pension reforms may also affect past divorce settlements where pensions were a factor.

August 2015

'Do Homer and Marge need legal advice?'

Angela Moores talks about recent developments in Family Law and the implications for us all.

July 2015

'Holiday Time is Here Again!'

Angela Moores talks about taking children abroad after a divorce or separation and how following a few simple guidelines can make life easier for all involved.

June 2015

'Review of Maintenance Payments'

Angela Moores talks about a when spousal maintenance can be reviewed due to changes in circumstances, even many years after a settlement.

May 2015

'A Claim After 20 Years?'

Angela Moores talks about a recent case where a woman claimed a financial settlement 20 years after her divorce and the implication for the rest of us.

April 2015

'MIAMS' Certificates - The Final Check Before Court'

Angela Moores talks recent rules relating to Family Mediation and going to Court for family law matters.

Fabruary 2015

'Pensions on Divorce'

Angela Moores talks about how pensions are dealt with during a divorce and what a significant contribution they can make to an overall financial settlement.

January 2015

'Home Alone?'

Angela Moores talks about whether their is a legal age that you can leave children home alone, and the factors to be considered when deciding whether to do so.

November 2014

'What's in the pot?'

Angela Moores examines how a couple's assets are during a divorce, including finding hidden assets.

October 2014

'I don't want to upset anyone'

Angela Moores addresses some people's concerns about upsetting extended family by asking for a divorce, and helpful tips on how to deal with related issues.

September 2014

Beware the DIY divorce

Angela Moores talks about risks of trying to save money by doing a 'DIY divorce'.

August 2014

Is the Court process right for me?

Angela Moores talks about the options for trying to achieve a divorce or financial settlement withouth going through the Courts.

July 2014

What is 'Mediation' all about?

Angela Moores explains what Family Mediation is and how recent changes in family law affect people who are divorcing or separating.

May 2014

Are More Older Couples Separating?

Angela Moores talks about how the change in demographics is affecting the age at which people separate or divorce, and the issues surrounding older people when separating.

May 2014

'Whirlwind Romance', 'Wedded Bliss'... 'Agreed Settlement if we Divorce'...?

Angela Moores talks about the current situation with prenuptial agreements in England and why they are not just for the wealthy.

April 2014

The Thorny Issue of Legal Costs

Angela Moores talks about how you should approach an initial consultation with a divorce lawyer and how different lawyers approach the issue of controlling clients' costs.

March 2014

Can I get a divorce and what will be considered?

Angela Moores discussed the grounds for divorce as well as finances and matters affecting children.

January 2014

Does your Solicitor have the 'X' Factor?

Angela Moores talks about choosing the right Solicitor for you, and those extra factors which you need to consider when doing so.

October 2013

Someone is reading these articles!

Feedback on last months article about taking children abroad after a divorce, and more information about similar areas.

September 2013

Crossing the border

With the school holiday season approaching, Angela Moores talks about the rules governing a divorced or separated person taking their children abroad on holiday.

August 2013

Will the Court apportion blame on divorce?

How do the divorce Courts deal with divorce when a third party and allegations of adultery are involved? And does adultery affect the financial settlement?

July 2013

What does success look like for me?

Angela Moores talks about listening to clients needs in order to try and achieve a successful outcome for them, which may be different for each individual.

June 2013

No hidden costs of Divorce with JARVIS

Angela Moores talks about the costs involved in the divorce process, and how Jarvis Family Law LLP ensures that clients are not met with unexpected bills.

April 2013

Identifying a positive future

Angela Moores talks about the initial questions people have when faced with a divorce, and how a family solicitor can help to answer some of those questions.

March 2013

Further Education Costs - Who Pays?

Angela Moores talks who pays for a child to attend University after a divorce. Does your existing maintenance agreement need to be reviewed?

February 2013

Maximise your income on separation

Angela Moores talks about the benefits which may be available to people who have divorced or separated.

January 2013

Experience is essential when your future is at stake!

Angela Moores talks about the high level of complaints made against some family law firms, the reasons behind them, and how to avoid this situation yourself.

November 2012

Separation and Divorce need not be costly

Angela Moores talks about controlling the costs during a divorce process and the value of hiring an effective Family Solicitor.

October 2012

What are the diagrams about?

How we use visual aids to help explain the divorce process?

September 2012

Back to School - but which School?

How do parents who are divorced or separated agree on which school their children should attend?

September 2012

What Tom & Katie did next

How Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes managed to reach a swift divorce settlement, and how it is possible for anyone to reach a quick resolution to a divorce if both parties are willing.

July 2012

What about my Inheritance?

Information on how Inheritance, or expected Inheritance, can be a factor in divorce settlements.

June 2012

The Cost of Divorce

Angela Moores talks about Jarvis Family Law LLP's free initial consultation and how you need a lawyer to work with you and not just for you.

June 2012

Children on Divorce - What is shared care?

Angela Moores talks about 'shared care' of children following a divorce or separation.

May 2012

What if I was thinking about leaving?

Neil Dring examines some of the points you should consider when leaving a relationship.

March 2012

When did you last see your father?

Angela Moores talks about fathers' rights to access with their children following a divorce or separation.

February 2012

Divorce and the Family Business - It's complicated!

Angela Moores talks about how a business or farm is affected during a divorce.

February 2012

Profile of Jackie Nicholson

Q&A with Managing Partner Jackie Nicholson from Yorkshire Life magazine.

January 2012

Making a decision about relationship breakdown can be difficult.

Angela Moores talks about the things to think about when considering a separation or divorce.

December 2011

Christmas 2011 message

We celebrated our “first birthday” on 1 October 2011 after having rebranded from Anne Jarvis and Co the year before. Our first year has seen the firm go from strength to strength.

December 2011

Living together. Is your position protected?

An assessment of a recent Court judgement regarding cohabiting partners and it's impact on the current legal situation.

November 2011

Think of the costs

Angela Moores talks about the cost of divorce and some of the options for obtaining legal advice and representation.

What if I was thinking of leaving?

Angela Moores highlights the importance of seeking expert advice when thinking of Divorce.

October 2011

Saddleworth Family Lawyer - Angela Moores

Angela Moores talks about the service she offers to clients seeking Family advice in Saddleworth.

October 2011

Happy Birthday to us! Busy year for Harrogate legal firm.

Jarvis Family Law LLP reaches its first birthday.

September 2011

Navigating the maze of finding the right family law advice

Advice on how to assess different family law firms when choosing legal representartion.

September 2011

Divorce - What is it?

A straightforward explanation of the Divorce process.

September 2011

When storm clouds brew over the family business

What are the implications for a family business during a divorce.

July 2011

Would you like a share of £166 million?

Is it possible to make a financial claim on your ex-partners windfall?

July 2011

Divorce and the age of technology

Angela Moores talks about the effect that new technologies have had on family law.

July 2011

Are you moving in - or moving out?

Angela Moores talks about a recent case which highlighted the rights of unmarried couples on separation.

June 2011

Family Mediation information and awareness - what is it?

Family Mediation is on everyone lips. Find our what it is all about.

May 2011

A Happy New Year?

What happens if Christmas proves not to have been as magical as you may have wished?.

January 2011

A new name for Family Law Specialists

Anne Jarvis Solicitors becomes Jarvis Family Law LLP. Meet the new team.

December 2010