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Profile of Managing Partner, Jackie Nicholson

Yorkshire Life, January 2012

Describe your business

Jarvis Family Law LLP is a firm of solicitors which specialises in family law covering divorce, separation, financial settlement (including pension sharing on divorce), maintenance arrangements, and residence and contact for children.

We are a team of 4 solicitors and 7 support staff with over 75 years family law experience; between us and everyone believes that our personal approach is what matters to our clients.

We are based in the centre of Harrogate but act for clients in various parts of the country. We offer an initial meeting at no charge which provides potential clients with an opportunity to ask questions and gain an understanding of their legal position and rights and responsibilities.

What is your business philosophy?

We provide clients with a fresh approach to legal support it’s obviously a serious matter but we feel that we can provide legal advice and guidance in a slightly more tailored manner by listening to what the client wants.

We never lose sight of the fact that each client’s circumstances are unique and therefore each is different in respect of how they cope with their situation, where they want to meet, what they want from us, how they wish us to handle their matter and what they need by way of a successful outcome. Personal referral is a key source of new clients for us.

What are you main challenges?

The law, rules and requirements for a legal practice are ever changing and therefore it’s essential that we are always up to date and that we meet the numerous regulatory requirements for solicitors. As a family law specialist firm it helps that we only have one area of law to deal with as it means that all of our training and thinking is focused on this one area which enables us to truly say we are experts in this field.

A further challenge is finding the right staff to support the business. We are incredibly lucky at JARVIS in that we have a hard working team who get on well and enjoy working together. I think that comes across in the experience for the client when visiting the office or dealing with our staff on the telephone.

All of our solicitors chose to do family law from the date of their qualification and therefore the experience we have, both in legal and practical application, is hard to beat.

What advice would you give to a budding entrepreneur?jackie nicholson

I could say ‘know your market’, ‘do your sums’, ‘give the client what they need’ but what I would say to a budding entrepreneur is ‘you need to live and breathe your business so that you know when it’s working and when it’s not.; Don’t be afraid to admit you’ve got it wrong and be prepared to change some element if necessary’.

What do you feel you bring to the business on a personal level?

‘I think in this job there is an advantage to having a few grey hairs!’

I am approaching my 50th birthday and have been both divorced and widowed over the past 25 years. Despite having a legal career and being very capable, I know from personal experience that when you suddenly find yourself in the midst of a personal crisis how confusing and frightening it can be. The right professional support can make such a difference to getting through it and coming out the other side with a strong foundation to build on.

I don’t think you could do this job without some life experience to pull on so that you can appreciate the position your client is in and just how difficult it can be.

For me, providing that empathy, understanding and support is just as important as providing the right legal advice.

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