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New Year - New Start

Sometimes things are just not working and the difficultconsidering divorce 2017 decision is what, if anything, do you do about it?

Relationships – married or cohabiting – are difficult things at the best of times but when they have taken a wrong path it may be that decisions have to be taken that are not easy. That does not mean to say they are the wrong decisions!

I meet clients in a range of different scenarios: some planning to leave a relationship and just wanting to know “What If” they were to leave, what might happen, what might they be entitled to, what about the children, and what is needed to move forward. Others have already left a relationship some months or even years before and are now wanting to move towards concluding the loose ends, which usually amount to the financial issues that no one wanted to face at the time of separation.

Whatever the scenario an informed way forward is the best one – gather as much financial information as you can and then obtain good legal advice.

I almost always discuss with clients who have not yet separated from their spouse or husband the idea of having some counselling, whether that counselling is for them to try to reconcile whatever has gone wrong in the relationship or to have counselling on their own to come to terms with the difficult decisions that might need to be made.

Whatever your situation the saying “Act in haste – repent at leisure” is always valid. Don’t rush into anything, get legal advice and consider all the options available. Then make any decisions that might need to be made.

All our first appointments are at no charge, with no obligation and there is a wealth of information and practical advice that I am able to provide.

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