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Identifying a positive future

Separation can often feel like falling off a cliff into the unknown and it is the uncertainty of the future which brings the anguish and worry.

It can be hard to gain an understanding of the rules surrounding how property, children and finances are dealt with on separation scenarios in the ‘soaps’ are often handled with considerable artistic licence and what may have been the case with a friend’s separation may not be the same with your own.

When I see clients for the first time it is often a confusing time for them and it is clear to me that even at this early stage they need answers to some critical questions to identify what their future may look like.

Some clients are simply thinking about the possibility of separating whilst others are in the midst of a relationship breakdown but whatever their position I am able to help clients with answers to their questions at our first meeting. The internet may have provided some generic information at best but as each client's circumstances are unique only an experienced family law solicitor can provide all of the answers specific to their own situation.

It is not my role to tell a client what they want topress article hear but to set out the reality of the position which can sometimes be difficult to accept immediately. However I believe that it is only once a client has answers to these questions can they begin to picture some form of future for themselves.

This is the just the beginning of my work with a client and it is fair to say that some outcomes are easier and quicker to achieve than others. Having identified what the future may look like and what is achievable I will then start working together with a client setting out what we both need to achieve.

Once a client understands their position, and the confusion and uncertainty are eliminated, it is easier to identify a positive future.

If you need answers to your questions call me to arrange a free, initial meeting when we can talk through your circumstances, options and action to be taken. The first meeting is informal and there is no obligation to instruct me.

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