Angela Moores
Formerly of Jarvis Family Law, Harrogate
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Not Near Me?

We act for a large number of clients who do not live locally to our offices. Why do clients choose to instruct Angela Moores when they do not live near her offices?
No local ‘specialist’ Family Law solicitor

Some areas geographically are not well served with specialist divorce solicitors as traditionally local practices have tended to be generalist covering a number of legal areas. As a specialist family lawyer handling only one area of law for private individuals Angela is able to concentrate her training, client care and time on understanding the particular needs of clients with family law issues. Our practice is specifically set up to provide strong support for clients dealing with relationship breakdown and or issues relating to children.

Our Solicitors have a lot of experience and expertise

Often if you need a strong, experienced lawyer you may have to look further afield. However, Angela Moores and her team pride themselves on being able to offer expertise in family law locally and at highly competitive rates and on a personal service level. Angela Moores has almost 30 years of experience in family law and is highly accredited by 'Resolution'.

Angela Moores is one of the few solicitors in the north of England qualified at Resolution Stage II in Financial Settlement on Divorce.
We offer an independence from other business dealings

Often clients may have used city solicitors for their business dealings and do not want to use the same solicitors for their personal relationship issues which can be an intensely private matter.

Telephone us to discuss your particular circumstances and we can consider how we can work together. We are very used to acting for clients all over the UK and unlike many other solicitors we make no charge for time travelling or the cost of travel.

Many divorce settlements will require advice from those other areas of law to explain the options, risks and benefits when dealing with different types of assets and different situations.