Angela Moores
Formerly of Jarvis Family Law, Harrogate
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Family Law- 30 Years On!

This month I have been advising clients on family law issues for 30 years!

During that time if I have learnt one thing it is that no two families are alike nor do their circumstances fit into neat pre packaged scenarios.

Whether it is parents with child related problems, divorcing spouses or separating cohabitees, there is no substitute for experience to be able to provide appropriate legal advice. Family law is not something that you can learn from a book - you have to live it yourself! uk top divorce lawyer solicitor

I have achieved many milestones in my career including working for some of the top family law teams outside of London, being one of only a few women to achieve Resolution’s highest level of accreditation for advice on significant financial settlements, being part of Resolution’s national training committee in London for over 10 years and running my own business. I have written articles, lectured and participated in radio programmes but even after 30 years there are still new heights to achieve - such as in March this year when I appeared on BBC Breakfast, Radio 4, Radio 5 Live and was quoted in the national press all in the same day!

I have seen many changes during 30 years - when I started there was no Child Support Agency, we did not recognise what we now know to be valuable assets ie pensions, and we still had the concepts of custody and access (which terms many are still surprised to hear went out of formal use in 1991 with the introduction of the Children Act). There was no email, text or social media - in fact we only just had electronic typewriters.

I am often asked why I enjoy family law when for the majority of the time my role is to resolve problems, often when clients are distressed or angry, and when on occasions they take their emotions out on me! The answer I always give is because every client “comes out the other side”. It is very satisfying indeed to be able to work with a client through a difficult time in their life.

Anyone who has worked with me during their “crisis moment” will know that I am very generous with my time and support of clients and I would like to think I could continue for many more years. The valuable experience I have acquired over those 30 years is not going to be lost just yet!

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